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Your safety on the road begins with reliable brakes, and our body shop takes this commitment seriously. Our comprehensive brake services encompass every aspect, from brake pad replacements to disk inspections and fluid checks. Your brake pads are the first line of defense, providing essential friction to slow down or halt your vehicle. Our expert technicians meticulously assess and replace worn pads, ensuring consistent stopping power and minimizing wear on other vital components. We also conduct thorough disk examinations, as these rotating components play a crucial role in dissipating heat and facilitating smooth braking. Regular maintenance and prompt replacements, when necessary, are key to preserving your brake system's effectiveness.

The importance of well-maintained brakes cannot be overstated. Your vehicle's brakes are not only essential for your safety but also for the safety of those around you. Properly functioning brakes are crucial in avoiding accidents and reacting to unexpected situations on the road. That's why it's imperative to entrust your brake services to certified professionals who understand the intricate mechanics of your braking system. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in the nuances of brake diagnostics and repairs, using their expertise to ensure your brakes are in optimal condition. We adhere to manufacturer guidelines and employ the highest industry standards, utilizing top-quality components and precision techniques to guarantee your vehicle's braking system operates flawlessly. Your peace of mind is our priority, and by entrusting your brake services to us, you're choosing safety, reliability, and the unwavering dedication of a team committed to maintaining the utmost standards of brake performance.

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Frequently Asked questions

Do you offer free ESTIMATES?

Our body shop provides complimentary estimates for all services, prioritizing transparency and informed decision-making. Our experienced technicians offer detailed assessments of repair needs, ensuring clear understanding of scope and cost. This commitment to upfront pricing empowers customers to navigate their vehicle's repair journey with confidence and ease.

What payment methods do you accept ?

We accept multiple payment methods, including direct insurance payments for seamless transactions. Our priority is to ensure a hassle-free experience, guiding you through the payment process with expertise and care.

How long does a collision repair take?

The duration of collision repairs varies and is contingent upon several factors. The extent of damages plays a crucial role, with minor repairs generally taking less time than extensive restoration. Availability of required parts also influences the timeline, as sourcing specific components may affect the repair schedule. Additionally, for insurance claims, the responsiveness of the insurance company in assessing the damages contributes to the overall timeframe. While we strive to complete repairs promptly without compromising quality, our foremost commitment is to deliver thorough and precise restoration, ensuring your vehicle is back on the road in optimal condition.

do you offer virtual estimates?

We offer free virtual estimates for Collison damages through photo and video submissions, providing an initial understanding of repair needs. However, underlying damages beyond the surface may not be immediately visible and could impact the final bill. Our transparent approach ensures any potential additional repairs are discussed before proceeding, ensuring a comprehensive collision repair process. For all other services we need to inspect the vehicle in person, and you might have to leave the car at the shop for a few hours for diagnostics.

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We had our car repaired here several weeks ago, but then a warning light came on. We called, and Alan said we could bring it in any time, and they would check it for us. (Usually, car places say only first thing in the morning, or they can't do it now, but he made it so the time was what would work for us).....

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Los angeles, CA
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Green auto body was quick and honest about what was needed for my son's VW Beetle. They found the broken part quickly and had it fixed in a few hours. They also found that we needed new tires and referred us to a local tire shop that is great.

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Shane L.
Topanga, CA
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They were very helpful with my special time requirement for repairs for the right front fender and bumper.  The result was my car being returned to us looking like a new car (it's a 16-year-old Toyota Camry). They were very fair in pricing, and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend this shop.

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Calabasas, CA
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I wish I found this shop years ago.  They are extremely honest and do outstanding work at a good price. I will never bring my cars anywhere else. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOP TO EVERYONE.

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David P.
Moorpark, CA
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